Home Theater and DVD
Last updated on 2/18/2013

Over the years (and thanks in part to a friend), I've developed an interest in home audio and home theater. Below you will find resources on the basics of home theater (ever wonder what you needed to hear "Dolby Digital" sound at home, or even what Dolby Digital is?). You can also find equipment lists and pictures of my current and past home theater systems, a page covering the road to a DVD release of the Star Wars saga, and a collection of links to good home theater and DVD sites.

My Home Theater
The Basics of Home Theater:
A Guide to Home Theater, DVD, and Beyond
Equipment Comparison Charts
Equipment Reviews
Star Wars and DVD
Gonk's DTD
     The Devious Tiny Disc (or DTD for short) is a bass management test tone disc.
OutlawAmp WinAmp skin
     A little (and now very old) experiment in WinAmp skinning...



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