OutlawAmp WinAmp Skin
Last updated 11/7/2003

Back during the original wait for the Outlaw Model 950 to begin shipping, I started poking around with WinAmp skins. I'd considered making one for years, but never taken the time to actually put one together. Then I had an idea -- I didn't have my Model 950 yet, but I could always create an Outlaw Audio-themed skin for WinAmp. Makes perfect sense, right? Right? Maybe?

Anyway, I created a WinAmp 2.x-compatible skin (I haven't installed WinAmp 3 yet, but if there's enough demand for a 3.x-compatible version of this skin I might have to track it down and give it a try). I also did a version with no logo on the title bar, which looks perhaps a bit more "authentic." It's set up so the file can just be tossed in the "WinAmp\skin" folder, at which point it will appear in the list of skins. Users of XMMS under Linux can change the extension to ".zip" and use it with XMMS, too. Download links and some screenshots are below.

Download without "Outlaw" Logo

Old Logo

New Logo

For anyone interested, my review of the Model 950 is available here.

-- gonk

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