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Last updated 4/5/2006

In December 2001, I was one of the first people to put my name on the reservation list for Outlaw Audio's Model 950 surround sound processor. During the few months of waiting that followed in early 2002, a number of us killed time by chatting on Outlaw's online forum, the Outlaw Saloon. One of our discussions led me to put together a feature comparison chart that attempted to offer a summary of features for a number of pre/pros and receivers on the market at the time. Obviously, it couldn't document performance characteristics such as sound or usability, but it did offer a summary of core functions. Later that year, I put together a similar chart for DVD players while searching for a DVD-Audio player to replace my old Panasonic DVD-A310. Both charts have undergone a couple of revisions, updating the products included and adding features. In the spring of 2004, I removed receivers from the pre/pro chart; the receivers moved to a separate chart in July 2004. In April 2006, I celebrated the latest consumer electronics format war by adding a page for HD disc players (both HD-DVD and Blu-ray).

These charts are intended to help people quickly compare some of the more common products in each category. They do not offer a complete picture, since characteristics such as audio and video quality or build quality can not be conveyed in a "laundry list" format. Also, I cannot guarantee that the charts are 100% accurate – all information found here was collected from manufacturer's web sites, but I may have made mistakes or oversights in the consolidation of that data.

Comparison Charts:

Surround Sound Processor (Pre/Pro) Comparison Chart
  * Updated 5/10/2006 *

DVD Player Comparison Chart
  * Updated 4/10/2006 *

Receiver Comparison Chart

HD Disc Player Comparison Chart
  * Updated 6/15/2006 *

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