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January 22, 2002: The wedding went great, and we enjoyed our week in San Francisco. Now it's back to work... I plan to revise the "Becca and Jim's Stuff" section in the next couple weeks, and I'll probably be adding wedding and honeymoon pictures at that time. In the meanwhile, I've made some additions to the pre/pro and receiver chart that should pretty well complete it (aside from updating a few numbers when the Outlaw 950 is officially released) -- I'll be merging it in to the home theater section eventually.

January 10, 2002: The wedding day approaches -- this will be the last news post until after we return from our honeymoon. In the meanwhile, the long-delayed web page for the office has been approved and is now available to the world. I'll eventually add this to the home theater section of the site, but for now I'll put a link to this pre/pro and receiver comparison chart here. It is the result of a discussion on the forum at Outlaw Audio's site.

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