The Richard Prillaman Art Gallery

A METALSMITH designs and constructs by hand small sculpture pieces, utilitarian objects, and jewelry from non-ferrous metals. Sterling silver is the primary metal used, but bronze, brass, gold, steel, titanium, and natural materials are used when needed.

Primary interest is with utilitarian objects. Containers such as specialty boxes, mechanical banks, liquid containers, and fantasy pieces are the main subjects. Pieces deal with animal, human, and mechanical directions with puns, contemporary images with ancient motifs, and some straight-forward pieces. Door knockers designed to intimidate salesmen, a pin hole camera (stereo) as the Greeks would have it in 700 B.C., a personal drinking vessel for three generations of the creator's clan, chess set pieces for a future cybernetic culture, and just plain containers will be displayed.

Richard Prillaman has exhibited nationally and internationally. In 1989 the state of Tennessee commissioned him through the National Ornamental Metals Museum to design and construct a sterling silver tea service for the U.S.S. Tennessee. The following images are pictures of several of Richard Prillaman's pieces.

Below are links to image galleries for some of Richard Prillaman's work. The silver plaque was made in June 1995 and was a gift from the Memphis Navy League to the crew of the U.S.S. Whirlwind patrol ship. The rings are wedding bands made for the artist's son and daughter-in-law in December 2001. The bowls were made on Horn Island in 2003.

U.S.S. Whirlwind

Wedding Rings

Horn Island 2003 Bowls

Sea Turtle

Baby Cup

More pieces will be added to this site in the months ahead.

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