Master Metalsmith: Richard Prillaman
Last Updated 11/13/2006

The National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis has an annual weekend fund-raiser called Repair Days where volunteers repair whatever shows up; proceeds from the repair work go to the museum. As part of the weekend, a master smith provides a talk for the volunteers and has a one-man show exhibited in the museum at the time of Repair Days. The master smith at Repair Days 2006 will be Richard Prillaman (my father). For out-of-town friends and those of you who know me as gonk in online forums like the Outlaw Saloon, you're likely to not be anywhere near the Museum this fall. Since I think it's a really great show, I thought I'd share a few samples with you. The pictures below were expanded a good bit after the show came down, but even with this expanded sampling there are several pieces that aren't pictured. Keep an eye out for a picture of the artist himself. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of each.
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