The House - Kitchen

The house redecorating continues, as we have moved into the kitchen in mid June 2001 and fixed it up. We tore down the old wallpaper, took down the cabinet doors, painted the walls and cabinets, put the cabinet doors back with new hardware, and put up border. The cabinet doors still need some touch-up work as of mid-July, and we plan to replace the existing range with a new range and microwave/vent eventually. New curtains will also go up on the window, but we haven't picked material for that yet. We also carried the work onto the back porch, painting and putting up border in there just after 4th of July. In March 2002, we put a tile backsplash in. Some similar tile work went up in March 2003 when we replaced the old oven. The new floor was installed in early April 2003.





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