The House - Deck Building

We broke ground (and some concrete) in September 2002 on a deck off our back porch. We finished it in early October. Below are pictures taken during construction. See here for some pictures of the finished product.

A somewhat rough 'concept' rendering of what the deck would look like.  The old patio area when we were just starting, with stakes driven where posts would eventually go.  Strings are in place to guide us on where exactly to dig so that final product is actually square.  We have lumber now.  The strings have some holes to keep them company, and the holes have concrete and brackets.  One of the brackets, waiting for the concrete to set so we can set a 4x4 post.  Middle of the day Sunday, second weekend  End of the second weekend  Becca and Jim getting ready to cut the tops off of the posts.  Updated 'concept' rendering  Updated 'concept' rendering  Becca putting in some of the first floor joists  The floor joists continue  Mid-day, Saturday of third weekend  End of Saturday, third weekend  End of the fourth weekend  The deck at the back door, with rock 'clamps' over the back porch  The arbor begins to come together  Start of Sunday morning, fifth weekend  Start of Sunday morning, fifth weekend

The finished product:

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