Outlaw Remote Control Files

I've begun collecting various Outlaw configuration files for Home Theater Master and Philips Pronto remotes. We started out with two files for the Model 990 (one from Jed M and one from me). When I added Audioholic's Model 970 file, I set up the table below. All of the MX-700 files are also compatible with the MX-800 and MX-850 remotes. Some of the MX-700 files are .mxd files, which can't be opened directly from the editing software – you'll need to right-click on a device under "Home" on the left side of the screen and choose "Import Device" to bring the configuration file into your file. I'll continue to add to it as folks put files together.

Model HTM MX-700 file Pronto TSU3000 file
Model 950 Gonk's .mxd file -
Model 970/
Model 1070
Audioholic's .mxd file
Gonk's .mxd file
Model 990 Jed M's .mxf file
Gonk's .mxd file
Dogwizard's .pcf file
9ChargerFan's .pcf file
Grimster's .pcf file
Model 1050 - -
RR-2150 - -
Velodyne SMS-1 Gonk's .mxd file -

In addition to the files above, I have my personal MX-900 setup file, which includes the Model 990, RR-2150, and SMS-1. That file can be downloaded here. My MX-900 review is also available here.

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